Ascension Update 15th January 2013 – Time To Step Into Your Power!


Well we have been in no time for long enough for us to begin to get a feel of life after ascension. Some are loving life in the new energies, some are still in the mindset of waiting for others to paint a picture of their reality instead of owning it and creating it themselves in alignment with the wishes of Original Creator.

In order to know the truth we have to trust our connection to it by listening to our hearts. Wants, desires, wishes, fears have no connection and if anything push the connection to truth away.

We all talk of The Light but The Light is in reality The Truth – remember the saying “In the clear light of day, the secrets were revealed”

There is another pertinent saying “Man know thyself, be at one with the creator and all that is”. It really says all you need to know 🙂

Despite what anybody said the truth is nobody could see the actual reality beyond the Galactic Alignment. The reason for this is becoming apparent now to those who thought they were in the forefront of the ascension process but are not fully aligned to the energies in the higher dimensions. We are not going to be allowed to pollute our future so nobody will fully exist in the higher plains until they have removed all aspects that are not in alignment with the future self.

Don’t Panic! we are getting assistance by an increase of incoming light which will raise our consciousness in several quite large steps in the coming weeks and months.

Law Of Attraction! This phrase has been used a lot in recent years even though many have known of it for ever – The secret is to recognise the difference between wants and needs or imbalance is created. People in the higher dimensions work for the good of all they aren’t encumbered with the survival mentality so no being has the need to hoard and leave others in need. Mind you all matter is energy so anything can be manifested anyway 🙂

If you notice in my posts I never actually give any guidance just plant seeds for you to find your own and that is the only guidance I will give Be Your Own Master and find your connection to source, it’s plain sailing from then 🙂


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