Ascension Update 6th January 2013 – April?


In my last post I wrote “In the first three months of 2013 there will be many unusual events which although originally unsettling will later become somewhat reassuring” This made me feel somewhat that I was left hanging, I needed answers as to why I wasn’t allowed to see beyond the end of March.

I was awoken in the early hours this morning with an image that explained both the answer and why it could not be explained previously. We are going to evolve at an amazing rate in these first three months, both individually and as a species. Many things that are not known will be known, many abilities that we have not yet realised will come into our understanding. All these and many more events will prepare us for what will come about in April.

What Was The Image You Were Given? It was a cartoon image of the planet earth in a huge slingshot. Explanation: our evolution will suddenly take a huge leap forward and in our present state of consciousness this is difficult to comprehend, but in the months ahead we will take it in our stride.

Why April? I asked and this is the reply: Your evolution has been delayed by millennia due to every incarnation of the planet and mankind ending in the need for a reset to protect life on the planet and elsewhere. The reason why the huge shift will occur for those open to it is due to the cause of us being drawn into base vibrations is being removed around that time period.

So let us all “Enjoy the ride” 🙂


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