Ascension Update 4th January 2013 – Let Go, Go With The Flow & Don’t Panic!!!


 Many are now somewhat confused (even those of a practical scientific bent) because of unexpected changes in and around earth, the sun and recorded planets. What is happening is what is meant to happen as the whole universe is evolving and our planet is the crucial catalyst to trigger these changes. In the first three months of 2013 there will be many unusual events which although originally unsettling will later become somewhat reassuring.

What Is Going On With The Sun? The sun is a major player in the necessary changes on earth and all of her inhabitants and is monitoring and controlling the bursts of high frequency light impulses that come from the Galactic Centre so that Earth and her inhabitants evolve at the same rate. Earth is still purifying / cleansing / resetting to her original blueprint (albeit ultimately in a higher dimension).

So What Do I Do? The main thing is to learn to embrace that which you cannot understand (learn to accept and adapt). Those of a analytical or scientific background most remote from belief and understanding of spiritual idioms are likely to find the most uncomfortable aspect is the knowledge that some conscious energy is controlling events.

Try to spend time stilling the mind, letting go of thought processes that prevent you from living in the moment. As things are now evolving at a rate that it gets uncomfortable to allow the thoughts to drift too far from NOW (can cause severe headaches and dizziness).

If you think: “How would I expect a very highly evolved being to think and act” then you will have a good guideline as to how to make your life more comfortable and ascension smoother. Don’t do things to try to please some deity or get there faster, do things because they feel in alignment with what is changing within you. You are becoming lighter, more gentle, more compassionate, less likely to be hoodwinked and led astray.

What Of All The Teachings Were They Wrong? Everything that got an individual to embrace more understanding of the spiritual aspect of life, nature and all that is has played an important part in getting us to completion at the end of 2012. Everything that is needed to get beyond this point is encoded in each and every living thing so you no longer need to create minor deities by giving your energy to the next guru YOU WILL KNOW ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW IT.

I will emphasise the most important thing you can do is learn to still the mind and live in the moment, obviously you still have to think about work, responsibilities, commitments and everyday life but when able enter the stillness.

Why Were We Not Informed Of All That Is Happening? You actually did know all the current events in the deep recesses of your being, all life evolves or dies therefore the natural progression tends towards the positive.


The world up to now has been predominantly inhabited by givers and takers, try not to be either. Things will become more comfortable when things are fair to all parties ♥


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