Ascension Update 28th December 2012 – What Changes You Might Experience!

UFOsOther sources are now confirming that the Ascension did occur, so what now?

If you grabbed someone from the street and plonked them in the pilot seat of a top spec. fighter jet they would at least be a risk to themselves and more probably a risk to many others. This is similar to us and our potential abilities at this time, so, in the coming weeks and months as your spiritual understanding and growth increase you will be given the chance of growing at warp speed if you are willing to adapt, learn and let go of outmoded thoughts and actions.

Be Your Own Master! You do not need telling that humans come in many shapes, sizes, colours and ethnicity. We are led to believe this is just how they evolved because of which part of the planet they originate from. This is partly true but not quite the full story as we all have DNA from different star races and this has a greater effect on our appearance, thought patterns and social interaction. Therefore as we evolve towards unity consciousness we may possibly benefit from taking a path that aligns with our core than that of the society or group we find ourselves in.

Everything YOU need to know is encoded in your DNA which many have been working hard to activate to it’s full potential. To those that haven’t gave it a thought put your minds at ease much of this work is being done for you by the ever increasing light levels that have been pouring in. If you needed proof – headaches, backaches, tingles in arms and legs, dizziness, tiredness, random bursts of tears / emotion – these are all associated with your 5d light body and twelve strand DNA being switched on and attuned.

A lot of spiritual teachings and methods of attaining enlightenment that worked in the past would not be appropriate in the future. Part of traditional methods would be to align an individual with their higher self by basically drawing the lightbody and higher self down to be at one with the individual. This works very well and the individual receives a wonderful feeling and connection to great insight and wisdom. The problem would come later in one’s evolution when one is one’s higher self as those journeys into the lower realms causes pain and dis-ease.

The preferred method is to enter a level of consciousness where one lets go of all worldly connections and remains in the moment (BEING), no thoughts, no emotion just being. At this point YOU rise to meet your higherself and have access to all creation because at this point you have no agenda and are pure light. There is no need to fear this process, you are not going to wizz off into oblivion as you only have to THINK and you are straight back in your body in the here and now 🙂

What Changes Might I Notice? They are quite subtle, but could cause concern to some people so I thought it was worth a mention now rather than later.

  • Feeling moments of bliss.
  • Finding things that once were favourites now generate little or no pleasure.
  • Not so interested in certain foods.
  • Lost moments, thought processes cut off mid stream.
  • Sensitivity to certain places, foods, drink, materials.
  • Inability to be able to remain in the company of some people for any length of time.
  • Preferring closeness to physical act of love making.
  • Preferring long moments of quiet / space than spending time with others.
  • Stepping away from arguments as they appear to have no purpose other than separation.
  • Feeling a greater connection to nature and ultimately communication with plants and animals.
  • Hearing conversations in the same place you are even though no other people are there.
  • Finding your vision is slightly impaired (as if you are looking through a fine mesh at the world around you).
  • Flashes of light or shadows just out of your field of vision.

Some of you would have been through some of these things possibly years ago some are yet to come, some would not apply as we are all different.

The most important thing is to KNOW YOURSELF be 100% honest to yourself and trust your inner feeling (not fear it doesn’t reside beyond this world).

Don’t worry, be happy 🙂

Note: If you get drawn into negative situations, thoughts and behaviours you will notice you feel more grounded in 3d. If you center your thoughts, actions and behaviour in the area of mutual respect, finer feelings and gentleness you will maintain the feeling of bliss attributed to living in 5d.


Some of the symptoms mentioned here could indicate serious medical conditions, always seek the opinion of a medical professional if you have any concerns.


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3 Responses to “Ascension Update 28th December 2012 – What Changes You Might Experience!”

  1. Robin says:

    I really needed this today, a gentle reminder and answers to a few questions I intended to ask you. Thank you! You’re on it doggone it! 😀

    • David says:

      In essence there are many things that I have wished to pass on for some time but didn’t want to attract egocentric responses. Now we are all in the same boat as it were mrs me and I hopefully can help others understand some of what is going on with them. Doctors have not been able to give any sound answers to many of these symptoms. Glad to be of service ♥

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