Energy Update 24th December – 21st December 2012 Galactic Alignment

2012Well the 21st came and went, some felt it some didn’t and some got caught up in all the ‘drama’ written about so-called prophesies whether genuine or manipulative.

So after a few days adjusting to the energetic roller coaster ride, here are my observations / feelings which some might find useful to enable them to put things in perspective or dismiss if not in alignment with their personal beliefs:

There was a beam of very high intensity light that travelled through the alignment right into the center of our planet which basically hit the reset button. Earth was intended to be a planet of beauty and perfection, a place of peace and harmony, in essence what one would recognise as heaven in religious writings. This original plan has now been reset and Gaia (or whatever you call the being we know as earth) is purifying her physical body layer by layer from the center outwards. All toxicity and damage will eventually be transmuted into the original blueprint. The main difference between now and the original is everything will be at a higher frequency, this will prevent what we have done to her ever happening again.

So how does this effect us? We have been changing for sometime whether we knew it or not. There has been constant and increasing in frequency and vibrational frequency pulses of light (extremely high, way beyond the visible spectrum) coming to us from many parts of creation. This has caused most of us to become more spiritual or aware of cause and effect of both our and other peoples thoughts and actions.

As this beam and it’s effects are gradually working there way through the multiple energetic and physical layers to the surface of earth we too are being effected. Even those who have worked hard on personal and spiritual growth are finding certain events / interactions are pushing buttons and they are having to go through painful scenarios they really didn’t want to revisit [this is to assist in planetary growth and karmic release].

So what next? We will continue to do much of the same, each day dealing with our stuff. Little by little, bit by bit it will become easier and we will become lighter in alignment with what Gaia is doing. So eventually both Gaia and her inhabitants arrive at Fifth Dimensional frequencies whilst still appearing as if solid.

I thought we were all joining our higher selves and star family on the 21st! To be honest we still have anger, ego and control issues which would be harmful and painful to the gentle beings in those higher frequency realms to which we are eventually going.

This isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem or dissapointment to anybody as we are now in ‘no time’ so what might have taken years to go through could be done in a blink.

So yes you did ascend, you just have to wait until you arrive 🙂


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