Energy Update 26th November 2012 – Something Has Changed!

For me the past week or two has been hard work, as many things I had already dealt with suddenly resurfaced. Negative mental arguments / back chat arising at every occasion, almost as if the lower me suddenly decided it had had enough of being good and wanted to kick up a rumpus. This meant I had to constantly explain the benefits of correct thoughts and attitudes and how our now peaceful existence would be thrown back into chaos if it continued on the path it was following.

The past couple of days here in Cornwall have been quite wild, high winds and heavy rainfall so I don’t know if that has caused a cleansing or whether my lower nature realised it preferred the rewards of living in harmony with the light, as now it has returned to that wonderful state of bliss. Not that the bliss had gone it was the negative background noise I didn’t really enjoy.

So now I can sense more clearly and I must say I like what I feel, the ether is much clearer now and the influx of love, compassion and support from our galactic family in the outer reaches of the earth’s aura is tangible. Even the most grounded individuals must feel the amount of unconditional love pouring in to our planet. I think that any negative entities or technology that has been used to mess with our minds has been suppressed, allowing individuals to feel more benefit of the incredibly high light levels coming in.

All life is sacred and the atrocities that have occurred on earth in the name of power and greed are too numerous for us as individuals to give love and healing to, less we miss some. We can call upon our higher selves, source (or whatever deity you believe in) to bring the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity to face the responsibility of their deeds and start the process of their spiritual growth.

Honouring oneself is one thing, putting ourself above others is another!

Be kind, be gentle and be forgiving ♥

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