Energy Update 18th September 2012 – Emotions – Random Thoughts – Know Yourself

There is a quite noticeable and for some uncomfortable phase we are going through at the moment. Even though we might want to put the blame on the darker element that resides in our world one must remember we came here for the experience and to grow through that experience we have to learn / remember we have all the abilities to easily break the chain that retains us.

We have a part of our make up that is the same as those that are causing all the cruelty and destruction. The difference at present is that most of us because of our own internal desires but also because of Global and Galactic changes are striving to become better people, to be more spiritual, respectful, more united. We have an inner trigger that is letting us remember very deep within our being that we are one; part of the whole, part of (insert what deity or belief structure you align with here).

Some people have made it a life work trying to really get to know themselves (good and bad), to get under the bonnet (hood) of their thoughts, actions, emotions and reactions. As this inner work proceeded the individual would have worked though quite a few Karmic aspects. In fact there is a very high proportion of people on the planet that now only have Karma that is created by bad choices in the moment of now (instantaneous).

Many people are becoming concerned that sudden fits of anger, despair, joy, elation, jealousy in fact a whole gamut of emotions that up to now had been done and dusted years ago as far as they were concerned. I have observed a few posts by people about their emotions and just assumed it was part of their own particular growth. That was until the past couple of days when twice I suddenly lost it (through impatience / intolerance) which was part of my make up many years ago and long since dealt with and grown out of. Then this morning I was sitting having my breakfast and became aware that my mind was racing with jumbled up random thoughts, judgements, just plain bitchyness which is totally unknown to me in my now form. I stopped what I was doing, put the brakes on those thoughts (which I know weren’t mine) and said to my family “WOW!!! that’s strange, it was like a wild party was going on in my head with loads of people screaming and going wild”. I gave it some thought since and believe that those of us who have done the groundwork are sharing the load of others in the group consciousness and also assisting those that are of a darker ilk to gain control of their lower nature.

We have to remember none of us have lead a totally blameless existence and others (seen or unseen) have assisted us to move to higher ground as it were. It is only right and proper for those who have trod the path to lend a hand to others (without losing one’s footing) if appropriate.

So if you get thoughts or emotions that are not what you have grown to know as the new you, the chances are they are NOT you. Use your past training to bring them under control whilst reminding yourself that they are not you and talk to them in your mind like you should always talk to your child within to nurture and lead them towards to correct way of thinking and behaving. Always explain why thinking or behaving in ways that are benificial for all life also makes the individuals life better and is conducive with future life as an evolved soul.

Note to players: Life on Earth is better when actively involved rather than in the audience!


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2 Responses to “Energy Update 18th September 2012 – Emotions – Random Thoughts – Know Yourself”

  1. Beverly says:

    MAN, can I EVER relate to this one! Thank you for confirming what I had concluded about my own emotional swings of late. They’re not always mine! 🙂

    • David says:

      Empaths are being hit harder because they in most cases are assisting those that step or are invited into their aura. A lot of empaths were born open and therefore picked up the thoughts, emotions and feelings of those whose energies were raised (usually through extremes of emotion). The secret was to define what is yours and what is not. The only ways to deal with this is to completely shut down (not likely during this time of ascension) or to really get to know oneself through brutally honest introspection, then we know if these are ours or another’s attributes. The response in both cases is to use wisdom, logic, compassion and understanding to bring about a calm harmonious solution that is fair to all parties (not literally just in our mental arguments).

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