Blue Moon and Huge Earthbound Filament From The Sun – My View Of The Effects

The whole Universe is rooting for Earth and her occupant’s ascension, well the whole Universe bar a few who would rather keep things very much in the realm of duality.

Blue Moon

We all have certain aspects that might not be in alignment with future life on Earth. This Blue Moon will assist in bringing our flaws in our attitudes and relationship to each other and our planet to the surface to be cleansed / healed once and for all. Forewarned is forearmed so a wise person would always monitor their thoughts, interactions and reactions with others to ensure they could be classed as balanced and fair from everybody’s point of view.

Sun Filament

There was a huge magnetic filament that broke away from the Sun and is on its way the Earth. The possible ways in which it could effect the planet are well documented but I am going to talk of the metaphysical / energetic aspects as I see / feel them (you may not agree and that is perfectly OK).


Picture a fast flowing white water river and someone just managing to maintain a stationary position holding on to a rock projecting from the riverbank. A large surge of water coming from upstream would be enough to dislodge their grip and they would have no choice but to go with the flow of the water. Now to see this analogy in respect to us and the Solar Filament. There are people on our Planet whom for reasons only they would know are still determined to hold onto the negative past and are reluctant to embrace the light and a future that is fair, balanced and harmonious for ALL life. This filament is carrying a payload of a very high burst of purest light (spiritual) that will uproot the grip between these people and their negative effects on humanity.


If in the next few days you feel light headed (spacey), euphoric, emotional or slightly disconnected please do not worry as it could possibly be the combined effect of these events. You can lessen the effects by being in nature / beauty, meditating and embracing the change. [note: if you are concerned unduly by similar conditions always consult a physician).


You are borne of the light, are part of the light and will return to the light ♥

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