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Energy Update 18th September 2012 – Emotions – Random Thoughts – Know Yourself

There is a quite noticeable and for some uncomfortable phase we are going through at the moment. Even though we might want to put the blame on the darker element that resides in our world one must remember we came here for the experience and to grow through that experience we have to learn / […]


Ascension Choices – Timelines – ET Rescue

  As we reach the closing stages of the ascension process we are at our most creative. We are also vulnerable, not through any external power or event but because of our conditioning, self doubt and fears. We still live on a ‘Free Will’ planet so nobody can through the normal chain of events cause […]


Blue Moon and Huge Earthbound Filament From The Sun – My View Of The Effects

The whole Universe is rooting for Earth and her occupant’s ascension, well the whole Universe bar a few who would rather keep things very much in the realm of duality. Blue Moon We all have certain aspects that might not be in alignment with future life on Earth. This Blue Moon will assist in bringing […]


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