What Do I Actually Need To Know For Ascension?

It is a mine field out there, so many theories, so much to know – how can one person absorb so much information.

I need to wake-up, if I care about my friends and family I need to wake them up.

So many very respected leaders of the spiritual community telling me if I don’t learn this or that I cannot ascend.

Stop & Think
Remember we are still in 3d (survival mode, leaders and followers, wealth & power). Look at motives is there just a spiritual outpouring of love and knowledge or are status, reward and possibly financial gain on the table. Also ask in your heart will my situation be improved by this knowledge or would I just be caught in another machine.

Look At Nature
If you take a sprouted seedling and plant it upside down it still ‘knows’ to grow towards the light. In essence you are no different although you have the unfortunate disadvantage of a thinking mind, full of conditioning telling you to think, rationalise, reason or dismiss things. When in fact what you should have been taught was to feel (emotionally, energetically). Everybody is capable of sensing their personal space and the changes made when something positive or negative comes into it.

So What’s All This Got To Do With Ascension?
Everything! Make it a part of your life to try to get a clear connection to that place in your heart where you ‘know’ things. Eventually you will find that the guidance it gives you proves to be very accurate (as long as your mind doesn’t throw a curve ball). You now have a clear connection to the purest part of you, the part nearest Source / God / Creator etc. and access to all you will ever need to know when you need to know it.

You can now see all the theories, lessons and wisdom are already available to you – deep in your heart you already know them.

Just quieten your mind and listen to your heart ♥


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  1. Beverly says:

    I LOVE the upside-down seed analogy! Thank you for this, David.

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