Job Done, No Going Back!

Can you feel it yet? The Sun, Gaia, Inner Earth, Central Sun, Galactic Centre, Star Families and the Creator have all played an important part in breaking the gravitational grip of negativity that was hampering the ascension process.

Even though our vibrational frequency has been through several huge increases already this year we still are so grounded by our minds and ego that we choose to ignore our senses and are busy looking for concrete physical changes. When seeds are planted there is usually a period where under the right conditions growth occurs. The positive conditions we need are for us to work doubly hard removing our own negativity (what you sow is what you reap). We still have free will and if we choose to argue and cause division and separation amongst ourselves that is the future we create.

This is directed more towards those who have the feeling / knowing that their ascension is very close and through habit are frantically trying to help others go forward. It is vitally important that you do not allow yourself to be drawn into trying to justify what you KNOW as it cannot be taught or learned; the knowledge comes through personal understanding, through letting go of self in order to connect to the greater consciousness and Source.

By rights there should be a far greater number of souls ascended already than there has, so in order to assist us the Sun has stepped up the amount of energy directed at us which will raise our consciousness by a considerable degree. This is being carried out under careful supervision of all the above parties and many are already feeling a sense of calm and positive expectation.

On a Human level things still have to play out but you should now be feeling that hope, freedom, peace and harmony are things that are within reach.

As you change so does your world!

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  1. Beverly says:

    I am DEFINITELY experiencing more peace, harmony, hope and even freedom than I have in forever…if EVER. And it all started with ME releasing my need to…well…many things, but primarily, figure things out. Great post! Thank you!

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