Brief Solstice Visualisation Suitable For All

The Earth Whatever you are doing for Solstice or even if it means absolutely nothing to you what harm can it do to your day to just stop and remember a special moment in your life.

Everybody has at least one special moment when something really touched your heart; the first words spoken by your child, a new puppy or kitten, first sunrise of Spring, a smile from a stranger when you thought everybody hated you. It is a feeling that fills your heart and catches your breath. It is pure unconditional love ♥

Using the link below you can find the exact time of the Solstice in your location.

At that time just bring back that special  memory and emotion that filled your heart and allow it to spread within you.

When it feels strong almost tangible send it to the earth (the image above will assist in the connection) just allow it to envelop the earth as a sign of love, hope and gratitude.

You don’t need to focus on anyone or anything, just send love to the earth and EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY will benefit.

You are truly loved!


Solstice Times For Your Location



Please allow yourself a few moments to find your feet before carrying on with your day.

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