Channellers, Discernment – Cut out the middleman!

So many people ask: Why is it that some people can channel and others cannot? What is the secret ingredient that sets one person apart from the rest? Why do different channellers pass on different versions of what is reputedly the same message?

The Basics

There is no reason why each and every one of you cannot get the answers yourself direct from your connection to Source / God / The Creator / Great Spirit / Your Conscience all you need is to really know yourself (good and bad) and be 100% honest with yourself.  We are born with several factors that have an influence on our thoughts and behaviour and it is our task to nurture the positives and recognise and retrain ourselves to let go of the negatives. There are many philosophers who will say this is wrong as we should love ourselves unconditionally. True but philosophy doesn’t take into account that in essence you are a perfect individual capable of living an unbiased harmonious existence. In harmony with all life, with no leaders of followers all existing in harmony with one focus, the good of the whole. So where do the negative traits come from? Well some are inherited, some are due to the astrological configuration we were born under and some are picked up from the people we live and mix with. We don’t have to be cross or judge ourselves over these traits we just have to recognise them, realise where we probably picked them up and the fact that they are not actually ours. We can then let them go. We don’t need to judge or convert the source of the trait as it is not our place to do that, it is OUR journey we are dealing with.

So even if you haven’t cleared these traits by really knowing and being honest with yourself (without being defensive or offended) you are better able to feel if something coming into your space is true or false.

The Training

Learn to differentiate between the different thoughts that flit through your mind when you contemplate something. Usually there are two or three to start with: the positive, the negative and possibly the indifferent. We have to focus on the one with the reply that would be the fairest for ALL not just us, not just for another. That is a direct link to your Higher Self.

Over a period of time doing this we start to only really notice the reply from our Higher Self, also things in our life that previously threw us become easier to deal with.

The Messages

Once you have gained a good connection with your higher self (in fact later you almost become it) you can start asking questions. There is a protocol so only ask simple one’s relative to you and your life to start with. Only when you have grown to the point that no part of you would ever misuse the information are you allowed more (unless your ego makes it up).

As this greater connection becomes fairly natural we can sometimes sense thoughts coming outside our familiar area. These could be from the earth, other areas within our galaxy or even from passed friends or relatives. Through the groundwork you have previously done you should be able to tell if this is true, your ego playing tricks or wishful thinking.

The reason that a message can vary from person to person is unless it has come personally to you and you have filtered out your biases, it has come through another who despite the best will in the world still has hopes, dreams and fears of many lifetimes.

Man know thyself, be at one with the Creator and all that is!

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  1. Beverly says:

    Y’know…I “recognize” this; and I know JUST the person who could benefit from it! (*wink*) Thank you.

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