At the Cusp of Ascension …. Why so many arguments?

At this very moment the Earth is going through her own quite significant changes, although on the surface one wouldn’t know. She is arranging her energy grid in order to run at the higher dimensional frequencies of her next incarnation. She is set to ascend no matter what, and as inhabitants we too will ascend with her.  As she is to ascend into a higher dimension she and all upon her must adjust to the energetic of the new dimension prior to arriving there. Here in three-dimensional existence we live in a world of duality, of opposites so it is practically impossible for any two people to be in 100% agreement on all things. We make allowances or excuse this by saying “It would be boring if we all thought the same”. Although being able to exist alongside another with a different opinion without the need justify your point against theirs is completely different to thinking the same. Also if we were not of the survival mindset we would be more likely to all want things for the benefit of the whole instead of feeling need to fight for our corner.

As despite our age we are all of varying levels of spiritual understanding this too can cause dissention as we all see ‘truth’ within our own sphere of growth and development. The ironic thing is even though this causes ill feelings here it is of no significance in the dimension we are going to, as everybody is accepted for who they are and where they happen to be. Likewise social standing and what duties one performs whilst important to some here will not be there. You would do what you were best suited to and no status or class would be attached to it.

So, why the arguments! well there is part of each of us that senses what is happening. We are ALL rising in consciousness whether aware of it or not and through that we are becoming aware that all is not quite as it seems. There are a few people coming to the surface with stories of this and that, which has brought many to the point that they literally do not trust anybody. Hence the arguments!

Actually apart from the discomfort of people being in discord this is a good thing as we are better going within and finding ‘the truth’ from our own connection to ‘all that is’ than relying on another’s interpretation of the truth.

Be your own master!

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  1. Beverly says:

    After reading many of the negative comments in various Facebook groups, I actually said a prayer of, “Thank you for all who are forcing us to think through disagreement, argument and even all-out negativity. Without them, it would be easy to fall into the old and all too familiar trap of following another blindly without questioning why it is we choose to do so.” Once I came to that personal realization and conclusion, I realized I really have no need to defend myself or anyone else’s way of thinking. I also have no need to convince anyone of a different way of thinking. We’re all on our own paths, seeking Truth, and we WILL find it. Ego still wants to kick in and post a few comments; but in the end, it doesn’t matter. Thank you for confirming my own “Ah-ha!” moment of the day. 🙂

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