Venus Transit…..many still feeling the energies!

The Venus Transit was looked on by some as the wonderful divine feminine energies coming to bring balance and harmony to all who inhabit our little World. Those same people were somewhat unsettled after the transit happened, perhaps we should review the whole event from a distance.

The planet is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty and as such we think in terms of all the gentle aspects of the divine feminine. It is easy to forget the more potent and somewhat darker aspects of the divine feminine perhaps as displayed by Kali. We all know of the extreme protective power of a mother over her offspring this is in essence the raw energy of Kali. Extreme uncontrolled emotion can turn from something positive and creative to something unruly and destructive and that is where the pure love of Shiva (masculine energy) was the only way to calm the raging Kali.

The planet Earth is going through an immense change and therefore all upon her are too. Through negativity on the planet this growth which although inevitable is somewhat hampered. It is a human trait that we all see the flaws in others yet are reluctant to change those within ourselves (I am aware this is not applicable to everyone, many have spent several lifetimes working on personal development).

This is why ‘this’ Venus Transit is so important! The full power of Venus (Divine Feminine) was amplified by the increased higher vibrational energy emitted by the Sun (Divine Masculine). If ever there was going to be a time when in no uncertain terms we would feel the wrath of parents who want us to behave, tidy up and put the toys away – it is NOW!!!

The energies have gone right through every atom of us and our planet and are still reverberating, they will settle when we start playing nicely with each other.

Remember positive, caring thoughts are just as important as actions.

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  1. Robin says:


  2. Beverly says:

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Tina says:

    Just in time..a lot of us are feeling the effects and working through them… Thank you David! Much Love brother!

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