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Brief Solstice Visualisation Suitable For All

Whatever you are doing for Solstice or even if it means absolutely nothing to you what harm can it do to your day to just stop and remember a special moment in your life. Everybody has at least one special moment when something really touched your heart; the first words spoken by your child, a […]


Good Guy, Bad Guy, Read This, Read That, Watch This…………. STOP!!!!!

As everything is accelerating there is a sense of urgency amongst those awake and aware to try to drag the rest of humanity kicking and screaming into the future. We can do more now by stepping into our TRUE selves and just radiating all that we are in our TRUE frequency (which is in the […]


Channellers, Discernment – Cut out the middleman!

So many people ask: Why is it that some people can channel and others cannot? What is the secret ingredient that sets one person apart from the rest? Why do different channellers pass on different versions of what is reputedly the same message? The Basics There is no reason why each and every one of […]


Energy Update 11th June 2012

Within the next 4 days there will be a burst of energy that will help us clear some of our most stubborn negative traits. The result will be a feeling of extreme joy or excitement for some people, try to breathe through it and remain as calm as possible (to prevent bounce back). 2 or […]


At the Cusp of Ascension …. Why so many arguments?

At this very moment the Earth is going through her own quite significant changes, although on the surface one wouldn’t know. She is arranging her energy grid in order to run at the higher dimensional frequencies of her next incarnation. She is set to ascend no matter what, and as inhabitants we too will ascend […]


Venus Transit…..many still feeling the energies!

The Venus Transit was looked on by some as the wonderful divine feminine energies coming to bring balance and harmony to all who inhabit our little World. Those same people were somewhat unsettled after the transit happened, perhaps we should review the whole event from a distance. The planet is named after Venus, the Roman […]


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