Closing The Book!

This blog was written to assist in the crucial transition from what was to what will be. Encoded within the posts were the eqivalent of a roadmap (memory aid) to find your way forward. The time has now come for me to let go of this as I have fulfilled all I was guided to do. I have not received any further intuitive guidance and therefore I release any real or misguided commitment.


When one eventually ceases searching one will find their answers.


….in love and service – david ♥

It’s All About Frequency, That’s All!

Illusion, delusion, confusion – chaos abounds! When in the midst of a vortex the wise soul refrains from grabbing on to anything as realities are constantly changing. Love and purity of intent are the only requisites to clear the way.

Be honest with yourself as well as others ♥

Want to know the answer to life, the Universe and everything









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If You Were Creator In Any Of Its Guises, How Would You See Yourself!


humanitythe quality of being humane

humaneness – the quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)

Creation In-Breath – Chaos of the Merging of Options!

lightWe existed at the edge of creation! Creator breathes out and evolution is experienced until a point is reached where no more growth can occur and then it breathes in again. Or as in our case now, any further growth could jeopardise the existence of creation itself.

We in general are not bad people but circumstances and poor choices by certain individuals had put us on a path of self-destruction. For us as and our world to be destroyed, in itself is not a particularly big deal in the realms of existence. Because of the sensitivity and close proximity of extremely evolved beings a plan had to be put in place to correct our paths without the need of a reset. We are evolving at an exponential rate. This was deemed to be the most effective way to correct our evolutionary path without starting again. The lessons learnt on our journey will ensure the levels of injustice and depravity experienced on and around this planet will never happen again. Safeguards will be put in place to ensure certain paths will never be followed.

The reason for this post is purely to put you at ease if you are finding your reality is becoming somewhat bizarre. During the in-breath the various possibilities that exist in our energetic field are merging. Where our path of separation was halted and reversed there is now a rejoining of multiple aspects or versions or our existence.

Those that are finding this most uncomfortable are those regimented and less fluid to changes that cannot be logically explained. It will assist if one tries to not entangle your consciousness field in the fragmenting outer boundaries, deal with every day things as and when they arise and it will be more comfortable. We cannot stop what is happening but we can ease the path by being gentle, compassionate, tolerant and forgiving.

We truly are many aspects of ONE


Mandela Effect / Law of Attraction / Good Guys / Bad Guys / Gurus – STOP LOOKING IT’S YOU!!!

Social Media is full of stories about the Mandela Effect, Law of Attraction and changing storylines. Yet nobody appears to notice the Law of the Bloody Obvious. The things you are talking of are the same things you are creating. If a magician wants to manifest something they plant it in the conscious mind of the victim and ‘they’ CREATE IT – so all your tales of gloom and doom are products of your own manifestation – your enemies are to all intents and purposes blameless as they only wrote screenplays, storylines and imaginative news articles.

There is no fixed timeline, it is constantly variable and experienced in the moment. Either singly or as a group, realities can alter as we put conscious energy into that thought.

Here are some old posts to assist:

Ascension Update 15th January 2013 – Time To Step Into Your Power!

Good Guy, Bad Guy, Read This, Read That, Watch This…………. STOP!!!!!

The Love We Know and That Forgotten – Preparing For The Future!

One of the most powerful and remarkable aspects of living here on this planet in 3D existence is our ability to reach extreme levels of emotional connection. Admittedly the negative aspects are nothing to brag about but they come hand in hand with the positive [Living in duality means there will always be equal opposites]. We are capable of levels of love and compassion that those from other realms find astonishing. Many will at some point in their life know the feeling of loving someone or something so much it literally makes their heart hurt.

The thought of moving to another level of conscious reality where there is uncertainty of who or what will be there. In fact whether we will be as we now perceive ourselves to be, can bring about a form of grieving. The fear that things we hold dear may no longer be there can bring about a reluctance to let go of the old reality, thereby restricting growth.

The truth is all that was and all that will be exist in the now moment. They are all mere snippets of thought that we follow. In the higher levels of existence we can visit and act out any of these roles at any time we choose as nothing is rigid. As our true selves (beyond this illusion we are playing out) we do not have the extremes of emotion, we have pure unconditional love which is eternal. This love if shared to a 3D human feels like all encompassing bliss (many who channel will be familiar with this).

So remember there is no goodbye and no leaving just a change of perspective ♥

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥


Thursday 17th March 2016 – Ascension Update!

lightI do not want to instill fear, only love ♥ Forget about who, what, why and how JUST BE THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF YOURSELF YOU CAN BE!!!

We are at a point in the evolution of creation where your thoughts, attitudes and actions will determine your future. Please do not sacrifice it for an idealism of something real or imagined. All is just pure energy, nothing else! Where we are going has no keys, no secrets, no fee – just PURE INTENTIONS! It doesn’t matter who you were or what you have done – the weight of your soul is measured  by purity of thought and intention and NOTHING ELSE!

Step away from the theatre and hold the pure connection within your heart ♥

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥

Sorry But You Really Need To Open Your Eyes!!!

truth bombThe time is now! Those that controlled the old world, and the weak or needy that are energizing their agenda are now in free fall, so ALL articles (including this) should be held under the very highest scrutiny. We are all in the same boat – literally all of us (good or bad) are now in a position where we truly cannot believe anything!!! The process we are going through is a total release of the old and embrace of the new! EVOLUTION – IS – EVOLUTION, you can completely screw your mind up trying to find excuses or reasons for what is happening in your world OR you can embrace and release the old and embrace a world that is TRUE, HONEST and FAIR to ALL existence with NO JUDGEMENT. If you truly believe that it is ok to benefit from another’s (Any life form including vegetation and mineral) suffering – you really need to review your mindset! We are all guilty, but we are in the most part innocent. Try not judge each other and realise we are different species finding our own way home. Embrace and forgive your differences and concentrate on the main goal HARMONY and BALANCE of ALL EXISTENCE!

Copyright © I place no ownership to this information feel free to use and share. All I ask is you use it to assist mankind rather than profit from it ♥


AI, Mind Control Or Whatever BUZZWORD Is The Flavour Of The Month!!!

freedomIf you truly believe another can control you, you are very much mistaken. Your fears, dreams and wishes can deceive you and through them you can inadvertently give your power to someone else. If you learn to still your mind and stop random thoughts from marring what to all intents and purposes is a pure connection to source you will disengage from any of the programming the negative ones and those with a more basic agenda (money) from controlling you.

The higher you can focus your outlook and thus vibration, the further you rise above the areas in which these lower aspects can have an effect on you 🙂

Unconditional love is purely that! Unconditional – no fee – no debt – no guilt – no reward – just a pure gift from one to another ♥

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